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Two areas to Blog!


Some of you might have noticed that we tend to do all our blogging on the LGFL blog area.  I will be giving the children their login details for using this area before the end of half term, that way the children have 2 different platforms to use but both will be just as secure and safe to use.  There's not much difference between each platform except you can create an Avatar within this platform!

If you're ever unsure where to go for the latest blog posts, please just look at our websites notice board or click on the link that we tweet.

Thank you

Miss Tytherleigh

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My name is Lisa Tytherleigh, I am a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (H.L.T.A) who is also responsible for ICT within the school.  I want to get all our children involved in blogging and am looking forward to the exciting projects that our staff and pupils will be blogging about in the very near future.


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