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Mrs Bareham


Hello all you lovely Southborough children.  I've been hearing all about your school and it sounds a great place.  I would love to visit you all but I know that dogs are not allowed.


If I did call in I would love to help the ladies in the office because I'm very good at paper shredding! The dining hall sounds great too and I would make sure that there were no leftovers and after all that I would go for a run on your lovely big field. Then I could help Mrs Deller if anyone was sad because I'm very good at cuddles and I love having my ears tickled.


If anyone was scared of me I would show how to make friends with a dog. I'm quite a big dog so I understand that I might look a bit scary. If you are afraid and a dog comes up to you just stay still and don't shout or scream as this will frighten us and don't run because we will think you are playing and chase you! We like to sniff just to make friends and always ask our owners if you can stroke us.


I might meet some of you when I'm out on my walks, if I do don't forget to say hello.


Mrs Bareham



Hello I've had such a busy weekend.  


Yesterday my mum (Mrs Bareham) put me in the car and I thought we were going for a walk but then I realised that my bed was in there so I had a little nap.


It turned out that we were visiting family as it was Alissa's birthday, she was 3 years old. I had great fun ripping up all the wrapping paper up when she opened her presents. Then someone had a good idea... it was time to take me for a walk!


Back in the car again, but this time only for a short trip to the seaside.  When we got there I jumped out of the car. There were so many good things for me to sniff, seaweed, pebbles, the sea I didn't know which way to go first, but I wasn't brave enough to go in the sea for a paddle!


I met lots of other dogs and suddenly... I met.... another dalmatian!  She was called Blue and only 10 month's old and she liked me and we chased each other round and round on the beach.


I had a great day and had a long sleep when we got back home.


Mrs Bareham

Woof, it's Enzo here. She left her laptop unattended so now it's my turn!


I'm going to blog about my adventures and share the fun I have from day to day so I hope you enjoy reading about me.


First I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm a black spotted Dalmatian, some dalmatians are liver spotted which is a brown colour.  I was born on 23rd December 2011 and I have 8 brothers and 3 sisters.  I regularly meet up with my doggy Mum Lily, Uncle Percy and brother Ollie (Lily and Ollie are liver spotted and Uncle Percy is black spotted like me).


We love running in the woods and fields together and generally having fun with our owners and I can't wait to tell everyone what I've been up to so check back soon!

Let's write a class story. Add the next part. 5 sentences at a time.

The wind whispered through the dark trees.  Slowly, the girl turned to look at her companion.  Outside, darkness was beginning to creep in.  Her companion hadn't noticed.  He seemed completely lost in thought.


The first person to send me a complex sentence correctly punctuated will get a coke.

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