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Two areas to Blog!


Some of you might have noticed that we tend to do all our blogging on the LGFL blog area.  I will be giving the children their login details for using this area before the end of half term, that way the children have 2 different platforms to use but both will be just as secure and safe to use.  There's not much difference between each platform except you can create an Avatar within this platform!

If you're ever unsure where to go for the latest blog posts, please just look at our websites notice board or click on the link that we tweet.

Thank you

Miss Tytherleigh

Mrs Bareham



Sorry but I am getting so excited about Christmas and of course my birthday on the 23rd!


I am even more excited now because I've found out that my Uncle Percy who is a dalmatian is coming to stay for Christmas Day and Boxing Day!!!


We will be able to play and go for a walk together after we have opened our presents, it's going to be sooooo much fun!


I know you all finish school soon so I want to wish all you lovely children a very Happy and Safe Christmas and I can't wait to hear what you all got up to and what presents you got and I will tell you all about my adventures over the holidays too.


Merry Christmas everyone.



Enzo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Mrs Bareham

At last I managed to get a photo of me for you all to see.



Enzo X

Mrs Bareham

Mrs Bareham

Hello again!


Yipee it's December and that means 2 things!


Christmas is coming, but also ........ it's my birthday soon!


I'm going to be 3 years old on 23rd December and I'm very excited. I'm hoping to get some new toys because some of mine are getting a bit broken. I think my family may have got me some presents already because some parcels came the other day and I barked very loudly at the postman.


Well I must go and write my letter to Father Christmas, I hope you're all being good!



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